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    Como / Italy

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    Poliform's Logo
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    Fitting solutions for different lifestyles: Poliform is a leading Italian furniture manufacturer and a renowed design brand that explores different aesthetic and compositional choices and proposes comprehensive design solutions that reach from libraries to wardrobes, from sofas to tables, from beds to complements. Thanks to the versatility of the Poliform modular systems the company can offer its customers a stylistically consistent design concept that, in its propensity towards wholeness, involves every room of the house.

    Poliform also dedicates a good part of its creative and productive energy to large residential and commercial schemes and contributed substantially to numerous highly prestigious projects like London's West End Quay, the AOL Time Warner Center in New York, the Presidential Chambers of the Clinton Library in Little Rock and the Palmolive Building in Chicago.

    History and development

    Poliform was established in the year 1970, from an evolution of a small artisan's shop dating back to 1942. Right from the start the company made no secret of its industrial ethos: its aim has been to exploit the full potential of automated production line methods, constantly monitoring change in an increasingly more global market. Over the years, Poliform continuously adapted its range according to the needs of the furniture market, demonstrating its ability to foresee requirements and taste of a heterogeneous and international audience and to anticipate and interpret new trends in living. The minds behind this developement were Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani. They are still leading the company today. In 1996, the company added kitchens to its collection through the acquisition of the Varenna brand and in 2006 the company launched its first collection of sofas and armchairs.

    Poliform's history is that of a company which, despite having achieved an international dimension, has maintained its family character and has strong roots in the territory of Brianza, a region that was able to preserve many of its values and traditions. Currently the Poliform group has six production plants and the Poliform laboratory, a creative workshop that contains exhibition spaces and conduces business communication about marketing, photography, visual merchandising, web and graphic design. Poliform is also proud of its close creative collaboration with internationally renowed designers and architects like Rodolfo Dordoni, Jean-Marie Massaud, Marcel Wanders, Carlo Colombo, Vincent Van Duysen, Paolo Piva, Paola Navone, Studio Kairos, Roberto Barbieri and Roberto Lazzeroni.

    Poliform: design and innovation

    Poliform is always looking for innovative solutions that meet the needs of a diverse audience and can anticipate the trends of modern living. Research at Poliform aims at achieving high-quality project solutions and is at core of the company's characteristical approach in contemporary living environments. The Poliform range allows you to decorate any room of the house, from the living room to the bedroom. The Poliform modular systems, such as wardrobes or bookcases, offer a complete freedom of composition while ensuring maximum versatility and reliability.

    Poliform pays utmost attention to the choice of raw materials of the highest quality, an essential prerequisite for the aesthetic distinctivness of its collections, as well as for the renowned reliability and the extraordinary durability of its products. All varnishes used in the process are free of heavy metals, all glass parts are made from tempered safety glass. Mechanical components, such as guides of the drawers and door hinges, are subjected to long test cycles which ensure maximum efficiency of each element.

    Environment protection and social responsibility

    Poliform is conscious of its social responsibility and adopted politics that protect the environment: Poliform uses paint that contains neither heavy metals nor Class I and Class II solvents as defined in Presidential Decree DPR 203/88 (national legislation on industrial air emissions and abatement). Poliform does not use wood from protected tropical forests, only materials from FSC certificated suppliers that have a low environmental impact. Poliform products are partly made of Class EPF-S E0.5 particleboard—that is, with minimum formaldehyde content and emissions.

    One of the basic principles of the company's corporate philosophy is the attention dedicated to people. Poliform actively supports school projects, sports clubs and a number of initiatives that are meant to protect and nurture the artistic and natural heritage of its home region. The company is also a proud sponsor of important exhibitions and other cultural events. ... More ... less




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