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    Munich / Germany

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    Gaggenau's Logo
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    Gaggenau is the leading brand for domestic appliances and has taken a pioneering role in innovation and design “Made in Germany”. Its success is based on technological advances and a clear design language, paired with perfect function. The company, characterized by tradition since its founding year in 1683, continually sets new standards in the private kitchen sector with its award-winning products, and its name is synonymous with exclusive culinary culture.

    Inspired by the requirements of leading professionals and top chefs, Gaggenau brings professional culinary technology to the domestic kitchen. The professional kitchen principle is the foundation of the brand. Gaggenau aims to create appliances which possess the same functionality and durability, but are designed for the luxurious domestic environment. Since 1995 Gaggenau belongs to the BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausger?te GmbH group.


    Gaggenau, a small village in the Murgtal Valley, at the foot of the Black Forest. It's here that the company Gaggenau is founded in 1683 as an ironworks by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden (1655–1707). He uses the iron ore deposits in the Murgtal Valley to open up new sources of income for the impoverished farmers, thus laying the foundation for the success story of the brand. With the ongoing industrialisation, a new chapter in the story of "Eisenwerke Gaggenau AG" begins. With a still small number of factory workers, the company manufactures agricultural machinery, metalware and tools.

    As a specialist in enamel, Gaggenau produces advertising signs for brands such as Odol, Maggi and Stollwerck. The recipe for the company's robust oven enamel forms the basis for the success of its coal and gas-fired stoves, which continue to be manufactured until well into the 20th century. The product range adapts to the new century. Gaggenau takes on a pioneering role with a range of innovative products, including coal and gas-fired stoves, but also bicycles. When Dr. Otto von Blanquet takes over the reins, the company shifts its focus to coal and gas-fired stoves and produces its first electric stoves, making cooking safer and more convenient.

    Gaggenau enamel

    Gaggenau had plenty of time to build up a very special expertise: With initial production of enamelled signs, we acquired valuable skills for the production of our enamelled ovens. Today, the typical blue Gaggenau enamel is a recognised brand and quality mark - and its recipe is a closely guarded trade secret. Glass plates, oxides and chemical additives are ground, mixed to a secret recipe and sprayed in a particularly thick layer on the oven. This special blend not only allows the inside of our ovens to glow the typical Gaggenau blue, but also enables pyrolysis, or automatic self-cleaning. Stubborn stains can be removed easily.

    Main design principles

    Challenging the established, breaking the mould, when and where this makes sense, in order to pave the way for new innovative ideas - this notion of the avant-garde is discernible with all our appliances. And it is the basis for our four main design principles that apply to all appliances: They are authentic, sculptural, present and generous.

    Our appliances are authentic and present in every detail. Authentic in the choice of materials, present in their design language. We only use materials that are aesthetic and durable: Stainless steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, enamel and glass. Each appliance thus gets a completely unique feel. And impresses with designs that correspond precisely to its character. Sophisticated product design always considers the effect of the appliance in the room. A factor that is more important than ever today, as kitchens are increasingly becoming the centre of the home architecturally also. Our design language transforms appliances into sculptural objects, lending our products an incisive generosity.

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