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    DCW éditions

    Paris / France

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    DCW éditions's Logo
    DCW éditions
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    DCW Editions is a producer of objects: objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future, all of which have three things in common: They are well conceived, well designed and well made. DCW's production is the epitome of the object as a companion to living well, an object that is designed to last and act as a relay baton between generations. But nostalgia for the past is not what drives DCW Editions. All that matters is to produce object that are true, honest and will stand the test of time.

    DCW Editions - The Collections

    We began by producing the work of the inventor Bernard-Albin Gras and the GRAS lamp, the starting point for modern lighting, and the 20th Century’s first articulated lamp, much lauded at the time by Le Corbusier. Next, we produced Julien Porche’s Surpil chair: a study in elegance.

    2013 saw us bring out Bernard Schottlander's Mantis lamps: ?Mobile-Sculptures? created in 1951 in homage to Alexander Calder and emblematic of the 1950’s. In 2014, first release of the Lampe GRAS OUTDOOR XL collection. 2015 and the adventure goes from strength to strength. The Acrobates de GRAS and the Mobilier de GRAS do their first show at Euroluce 2015!

    A fortunate meeting with Bertrand Balas has allowed us to reedit his hanging lamp Here Comes the Sun from 1970. A true original, like so many hanging lamps but when lit it takes on a magical aura.

    DCW Editions is now branching out, into more contemporary and innovative lighting with the production of In the Tube by the architects Dominique Perrault and Gaelle Lauriot-Prevost. Made from ultra hi-tech tubing, they look as though they escaped from the set of a James Bond film or a Jules Verne novel.

    The range of Lampes Gras continued to grow, with the launch of the Les Doubles de GRAS lamps, and of Les Acrobates de GRAS, a collection designed to evoke the delights of the circus. Lampes Gras Outdoor is now manufactured in stainless steel 316 (instead of 304) and become Outdoor Seaside.

    In 2017 we launched the ISP Lamp designed by Ilia Potemine. Barely 30 years old, Ilia is an inventor, an engineer, an artist… and much else besides. It has been a very long time since we were struck by such an object. A lamp whose design is firmly rooted in the past but whose conception and design is unstintingly contemporary. This ?light shuttle? brings you on a journey through time and space. We believe that Ilia is an artist-engineer whose work future generations will cry out to collect. And for that reason, we are not a little proud to have discovered him...

    DCW Editions - Objects, not products...

    We still refer to our output as objects, not products. It is a vision of the object as a companion to our daily existence: well-conceived, well-designed, well-made and at the right price. The fundamentals haven't changed. We're not out to please everybody, but we think there are enough of us here on the planet to let our objects find their audience.

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