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    Lentate sul Seveso / Italy

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    Boffi's Logo
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    The brand name Boffi is inextricably linked to the world of designer kitchens and high-quality bathroom furniture. With its various collections the Italian company often anticipated market trends. High recognition value and a strong personality are the characteristic traits of furnishings that are meant to set new standards in esthetics and establish kitchen and bathroom as the true heart of the home. Under the artistic direction of Luigi Massoni, Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni Boffi has developed a very articulated product range that easily managed to conquer the international market.

    Boffi: corporate history

    The company was founded in 1934 by Piero Boffi. In more than 80 years Boffi has followed the evolution of social convention, living models and aesthetic sense, adding a very personal interpretation of the changes in taste and embracing latest technologies. Over the time Boffi established itself as a internationally renowned brand that is synonym with innovate design.

    In 1947 Piero Boffi's sons Dino, Pier Ugo and Paolo joined the company. The same year the first manufaturing facility was inaugurated. Although the family business went through a series of significant changes, the innovative strategy and the entrepreneurial approach proved to be right and has changed both habits of thinking and the history of Italian design. A decisive moment came in 1960 when Luigi Massoni was appointed art director. In the 20 years he held this position he designed for Boffi, amongst others, his famous kitchens Xila and Dogu. As another milestone, in 1963 the company presented the revolutionary Minikitchen designed by Joe Colombo and exhibited at the Triennale and MoMA.
    In the 1980s, regarded as Boffi's golden decade, the company enters the bathroom sector. Ceaseless efforts, incisive messages and engaging marketing strategies were the key to success on an international scale and earned the company important awards like the Compasso d’Oro, received in 1995. In 2011 Boffi became also member of Altagamma, an association of the most prestigious representatives of quality made in Italy.
    Already well established on the international market, the company continued to reinvent itself and surprised with a new line of cabinets which is now available from outlets in 60 countries wordwide. Boffi's core themes are the sustainability of its production methods and its exemplary customer care.

    Boffi: tradition & innovation

    In the 25,000 square meters of production area, in the furniture district of Brianza, old techniques such as the glossy lacquer Polyester are complemented by cutting-edge techniques in strong continuity with the territory and local traditions. Heritage and innovation coexist in collections, highly customisable thanks to special finishes and dimensions, an ever more important offer especially within international markets and among sophisticated audiences. Excellence is guaranteed by a strong network of highly qualified specialists and external suppliers for steel, stone, marble, appliances, plumbing and sanitation offering the best solutions and technologies.

    Boffi and the concept of sustainability

    In the history and corporate culture of Boffi, Sustainability has always been of significant importance. A path started as a family tradition and strengthened over the years that allowed the company to make grounds in the territory in which it operates and grows by participating actively in the history of Italian design. Sustainability is an integral part of the values, culture, creativity, technology and entrepreneurship by Boffi and cuts across all planning decisions, production and testing. The goal of continuously improving of environmental, social and economic sustainability is the result of a strong Boffi synergy with its employees, the territory, designers, suppliers, customers and end markets in which it operates. A system of relations with the different stakeholders oriented to a continuous development and improvement of the company and its products, with the utmost respect of the environmental standards of all countries in which it operates. The Boffi challenge is based on the idea of creating 'sustainable' designs by improving their environmental and social performance through innovation not only in products and services, but also in the production, behavioural and business management systems. A challenge with the objective of safeguarding the consumer who must be able to choose on the basis of the product’s social and environmental quality. The vision of a project characterised by social values ??that has seen transition from the artisan workshop of the founder Piero Boffi to an international company as a true expression of the Made in Italy in the world.

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